We offer complete eLearning solutions, including private labeled content and consultancy in the areas of Soft Skills Development, Leadership Training and Employee Skills Development. Our LIVE webinars are available to all online users throughout the year and include topic related exercises and live group chats designed for maximum participation.  Contact us for a complete listing of our eLearning courses and Webinars.

Online Training Solutions

Our team offers customized on-site and off-site leadership training and employee development programs that meet client-specific needs and learning styles. We provide hourly one-to-one sessions, group sessions, or full day seminars that include meals, recognition awards/give-a-ways and team building activities. Contact us for a free consultation to help customize a program for your company or women led divisions.

Coaching &

There's nothing like the feeling of being in a room filled with powerful, driven women. Their energy and personal stories provide us with undeniable inspiration! Our conferences and retreats are held in select cities across the nation to bring women together for a day of learning, networking and celebrating each other.

Are you ready for your journey? Request more info on our upcoming opportunities. We look forward to celebrating you!

Conferences & Retreats

Recognize and celebrate powerful women in your life with motivational

T-shirts, journals and customized gifts! Shop our online store anytime from anywhere!

Recognition & Motivation


"I am excited to hear the leaders of "Ignite It" will fulfill the missing knowledge gaps that our community needs in their lives. I wish them nothing but the best as they announce their passion for delivering women specific topics!"

John Pruna

Founder & President, Rare Breed Coaching

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